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Make Your Bike Your Own

Accessories are the personalizations that make your bike stand out in the crowd. Bare bikes can get lost among others but an accessorized bike is a unique as the fingerprint of the customer riding it. Whether you need a full commuting accessory package, or just a mirror and lights for safety, we can set up your bike to fit all of your needs! Not sure what you need? Check out this list our 15 Cycling accessories that we suggest for every cyclist! 


You just bought a new bike, why lean it against something or lay it down on the ground  where there is a high risk of your new favorite investment getting a scratched or damaged? Adding a kickstand is a budget friendly, practical upgrade which allows your bike to be freestanding, making storage and pit stops on your ride much more convenient. 

Water Bottle Cage 

Hydration is key for any kind of physical activity, especially cycling. Water Bottle cages are an essential accessory for all types of riding, no matter if you're the most recreational rider to a professional racer. These bicycle cup holders come in all shapes and sizes with the ability to carry your favorite bottles.


Cell Phone Holder 

Harness the full potential of your cell phone by integrating it into your bicycle accessory inventory. Cell phone holders make using your GPS functionality of your mobile device easy by seamlessly mounting it to your handlebar or stem. A cell phone holder paired with your favorite cycling app, such as Strava or RideSpot, allows you to discover new routes and take advantage of turn-by-turn navigation, real-time effort data, and share routes with other cyclists.  

Presta-Valve Adapters

Tubes come in all diameters, widths, and valve lengths; but they also come in different valve styles. Presta-Valves are becoming more and more common in the bicycle world and thus having an adapter on hand to inflate your tires before a ride is an essential. Whether you are trying to set your bike up tubeless or just topping off your tires before a family ride, a Presta-Valve adapter allows you to be able to easy use a compressor or a common pump with no headaches. These adapters are a small package with a big influence on your ride!


You would never think to drive your car without wearing your seat belt, so why ride a bike without a helmet? Helmets are the #1 bicycle safety and fashion accessory used by all different kinds of cyclists. Like bikes, helmets are made for all different applications including commuting, recreational riding, road racing, mountain biking, and much more while also featuring ground-breaking comfort and protective technology makes getting a helmet a no-brainer!  

Bike Lock 

Protection of your favorite investment is essential. Your bike is more than in inanimate object or a toy, your bike is your ticket to freedom, your getaway from the day-to-day, your ride to work, and much more; thus it is essential to protect it. Whether you are taking it on every ride or simply using it on your car rack, locks are an easy way to make sure that your sweet ride doesn't end up in the wrong hands and with all the options for locks in the world, it has never been easier to protect your bike. You cannot put a price tag on peace-of-mind. 


Cycling Etiquette 101: Ride with traffic. Whether you are riding on the road or on a bike path away from cars, bike mirrors are a great way to improve your spacial awareness on your bike. Look to see if a car is coming before you make a turn or see if there is another cyclist coming up behind you, either way a mirror makes looking behind you simpler by allowing you to glance at whats behind you without turning all the way around, losing sight of what is in front of you. A mirror is an essential piece of equipment for any rider. 

Water Bottle or Hydration Pack 

Staying hydrated can be the difference between a good bike ride and a great bike ride. Whether you prefer a hydration pack or a simple water bottle, there is an option for you. There are insulated and non-insulated options with designs and colors to match any color scheme and give your bike that much more functionality and flare!

Floor Pump 

Pump up your ride with the most essential accessory on the market. A floor pump is a must-have item for any cyclist for one reason, without air in your tires you cannot ride! Riding with tire pressure too low can result in faster tire ware or, more commonly, flat tires which is why tires should be pumped up before every ride! Don't blow up your riding plans due to lack of preparation, instead, pump up your ride with a floor pump!


Preparation is key before going out on a bike ride. You never know when you might have a small mechanical issue that could be fixed if you just had the right tool, with the proper Multi-Tool, these worries will become extinct from your head. A multi-tool is an essential, on-bike, accessory which can save in the long run on repair costs and headaches by supplying you with everything you need to make fitting or mechanical adjustments right at your fingertips. You  don't want to get caught without one of these in your saddle bag. 

Bicycle Cleaning and Lubrication  

A clean bike is a happy bike. Keeping grit and grime off of your ride will help it stand out in the crowd while also keeping your cost to own lower. Without the dirt, road debris, or trail debris on your bike and by keeping your chain lubed, there is a much smaller chance of your drivetrain wearing out prematurely while also improving the shifting, and thus the quality, of your ride as a whole. 


Did you know that 80% of accidents happen during the day? Did you know using a daytime light on a bicycle can reduce the risk of an accident by 2.5x? The largest misconception about lights is that they are only beneficial for riding at night when in reality have a light fixed onto your bicycle is the easiest way to make yourself more visible and less likely to get into an accident with another vehicle. With a light you are safer, more visible, and better equipped for all types of riding. Need we say more?

Saddle Bag

Phone, Keys, Wallet, Patch Kit, Tube, Pump or CO2 Inflation System, tire levers. These are just some of the items most commonly carried on any bike ride. But where does it all go? A bare bicycle has limited storage, so why not make use of an otherwise useless space? Saddle bags tuck beneath your saddle, out of the way from your legs or other accessories mounted on your bike, giving you a seamlessly integrated place to store all of your essentials while you enjoy your ride. 


Fashion and functionality come together as one in this must have cycling accessory. The most important part of the bike is the thing that powers it, you! A jersey keeps you the rider at the appropriate temperature for the season and offers up to three pockets strategically placed in order to store some essentials without throwing you off balance on your ride. Jerseys also feature bright colors and reflective elements incorporated into the design to keep you, the rider, as safe as possible. A bike jersey is one thing that you cannot have too many of, and can take your riding and your aesthetic to the next level!

Flat Pack

Pumping up your tires in before heading out on your bicycle voyage plays a huge role in your likelihood of getting a flat tire while out on your ride but unfortunately, there is no foolproof tire that never gets a flat. Road or trail debris will always be a risk for a flat tire and the only thing we can do to prevent that is to be ready. A Flat Pack is a small kit with everything you need to change a tube in the event of a flat while out on the road or on the side of a trail. A basic flat pack will include a tube, tire levers, pump, patch kit, and a multi-tool. Don't get caught without your pack!

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