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Electric Bikes

Amplify Your Ride

Whether you’re commuting to work downtown or taking a leisurely ride at the park, electric bikes can provide an extra boost to your pedaling efforts; After all, riding an electric bike is still you, just faster! We proudly carry the best electric bicycle brands. Stop in for an electric bicycle test ride and to learn more from our experts! 

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Why Choose an E-Bike

Why spend time at the pump and sitting in traffic when you could zip through your morning commute on the freedom of two wheels? Why feel humbled by some hills that seem to be endless? Why ride so aggressively when you could go the same speed with less effort? Whether you are an avid cyclist, a commuting professional, or you simply enjoy getting out for a ride; an e-bike is an incredible option to consider for your next bike purchase. An electric bike allows the rider to burn calories instead of gas while not expending too much energy climbing hills at a pace that is otherwise only attained by a serious cyclist. 

Specialized Turbo Levo Crank Motor broze

The Workings of an E-Bike

An electric bike combines new electric brush motor technology and classic bicycle components. A standard bicycle drivetrain combined with a lithium-ion battery connected to a sleek display and a powerful brush motor, creates a ride like no other. An electric bike is still powered by the rider with a little bit of help from the motor.  You still shift, stop, and pedal like any other bicycle while covering more ground with the same amount of effort.


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Key Features of an Electric Bike

Lithium Ion Electric Bike Battery

Lithium Ion Battery 

Center or Rear Mounted 

General Charge Time of 4-8 hours 

15-50 Miles on a Charge

General lifespan of 1000 Charges 

Charger Included With every e-bike 

Charge using any household outlet 

Bosch Electric Bike Motor Mid-Mount

Electric Brush Motor

Crank or Rear-Hub Based

Different Speed and Torque Specifications available 

Starts assisting as soon as you start to pedal

 Throttle-less system to provide the most authentic cycling experience 

Can be ridden with or without assistance from the motor 

Electric Bike Interface Trek Specialized

Electronic Interface 

 Digital dashboard mounted on the handlebar

Provides Essential Information for the battery and motor 

Odometer (trip/total), Speedometer, Distance to Charge, etc.

Display and Toggle Power Settings.

3-4 Power settings Ranging from 0%-100% output of the motor

Electric Bicycle Derailleur Shimano Sram


Derailleurs and gear-sets of Varying speeds available 

V-Brake or Hydraulic/ Mechanical Disc Brake options available

Geometry available to suit all riders

Cable or electronic shifting available 

Internal Cable routing on most models

We Stock Electric Bikes For Every Ride!

Urban & Commuting

Ditch the car and ride to work or school on an electric bike. Enjoy your commute as the pedal-assist technology amplifies your efforts. Save on gas and parking fees. Say goodbye to the daily search for the perfect spot.

Comfort & Recreation

Enhance your weekend ride. Electric bikes add to your pedaling efforts, allowing you to ride your favorite bike path with less effort. Enjoy your rides even more as you worry less about pedaling and more on having a great time.

Off Road & Adventure

Tackle your favorite route with more gas left over at the end. Climb hills quicker than before. Enjoy longer rides. Speed through flats. The possibilities are endless with electric mountain and adventure bikes. Available in hardtail and full suspension.

Road, Touring, & Gravel

Lead the pack, expand your mileage, or explore new terrain on  Electric Road, Touring, & Gravel bikes. Giving your the extra edge you need to stay with the faster group, make it though that century, or take the road less traveled. Available in aluminum and carbon fiber frames.

Electric Bike FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions riders ask us when we are discussing electric bikes. Have a question regarding E-Bikes? Give us a call anytime! We love talking all things bicycle. 

"How far can an e-bike travel on a single charge?"

The range of an electric bike is variant on the rider's weight, riding and shifting style, and some other external variables such as battery size. Generally, a class one electric bike will have a range of approximately 40-100 miles on a single charge. Electric bikes work using Lithium Ion batteries which have certain characteristics that have an impact on battery life, such as atmospheric temperature. Just like your in your car or motorcycle, fuel economy is determined on how you drive; If you have a heavy foot and start and stop aggressively, you're fuel economy will be less than someone who is steadier in their acceleration and speed. This same logic applies to the range of the e-bike that belongs to a rider who simply puts their bike in the highest power setting and lets the bike do all of the work versus the e-bike rider who puts in their own effort and supplements it with the bike's assistance. Put simply, the more power the bike provides, the less distance you will travel. Finally, stress on the bike from the body weight of the rider paired with the route or geography you are riding will effect overall range of your battery. If you are worried about the range of the bike you are interested in, there may be an option for a larger capacity battery or a secondary battery to prolong your range. 

"How long does an e-bike take to charge? Does it charge while you're pedaling?"

Generally, batteries will take between 4-6 hours to charge based on their capacity and battery level at the time of charge. A rider should treat charging their E-bike as they would their mobile phone; simply plug the charger into the bike, then plug the charger into the wall, and you'll be ready to ride again in no time! There is no need to worry if you leave your bike plugged in for longer than 4-6 hours, batteries and chargers have features built in to prevent overcharging or damage. 

Most electric bikes on the market today do not feature regenerative braking like your car or motorcycle would. Most e-bikes require having their battery charged via an outlet and a charger, they will not recharge while pedaling the bike or coasting down a grade. 

"Isn't that cheating? I want to get exercise, not have the bike do the work for me."

Specialized Bicycle Company said it best, "It's you, only faster". Riding an electric bike is far from cheating, it is simply broadening your horizons. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of help when you need it, or making sure there is a little bit left in the tank to get home after a long group ride. The rider is still working while riding an electric bike. In fact, over 66% of the electric bikes on the market  today require rider pedaling input in order to receive any assistance. An electric bike does not do the work for any rider, it simply supplements their efforts.

"How fast can an e-bike go? Does it have a throttle?"

The top speed of any electric bicycle is determined by the class specification of the bike. E-bikes specified in Class 1 or 2 both have a maximum assistance speed of ~20mph where a Class 3 e-bike has a maximum assistance speed of ~28mph. All classes of electric bikes are pedal assist bicycles but only Class 2 e-bikes have throttles onboard. There are some Class 1 and 3 electric bikes that feature a walk assist function but though those features do drive the bike, they are not actuated like, or powerful enough to be classified as, throttles.

"What if I run out of battery? What if I exceed the speed limit on my e-bike?"

An e-bike does not need to be turned on or have the battery installed on it to still be a functional bicycle. If a rider were to get overzealous and ride beyond the range of the battery, all hope is not lost. If the battery runs dead or is disconnected, the e-bike loses its ability to assist the rider but it still functions with no added resistance from the motor. Conversely, if the battery and motor are powered on and the maximum assistance speed is exceeded the bike will no longer help the rider accelerate but will not inhibit them from doing so. In simpler terms, a Class one electric bike will assist a rider to ~20mph, after this point, all speed and acceleration comes from the riders legs. Additionally, the motor provides no resistance once the maximum assistance speed is reached, giving the rider full control over their speed. 

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Reinventing the Ride 

Electric bikes aren’t reinventing the wheel, but they are reinventing the ride.  Like a motor scooter or motorcycle, an electric bike gets the rider out on the road or trail for years of enjoyment.  Unlike similar fuel powered vehicles, there are no license or road restrictions, nor harmful pollutants.  Electric bikes sustain the fun of riding a traditional bicycle while adding a little boost.  Electric bikes offer the opportunity for the rider to tackle their local group ride, commute to work without breaking a sweat, and cover more ground on a long ride without expending more energy.  Electric bikes are breathing new life into the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.”

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