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Get Fat to Get Fit

Why not get fat and confident while getting fit? Getting onto a fat bike immediately gives the rider a wider platform for balance, an incredible amount of traction on all types of terrain, and a confidence boost you need to feel to believe. Riding has never been more personal than on a fat bike.

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Zane's Cycles Spring Fat Bike Specialized Trek


April showers bring May flowers, and mud puddles. Spring is one of the most beautiful times to get into the woods. Unfortunately, spring can also be one of the most dangerous times you can trail ride due to rain and thawing ground. Trails can go from being perfectly tacky to dangerously slippery in a matter of yards. For a traditional mountain bike, these inconsistent trail conditions are diabolical but for a fat bike there is no issue. With such a wide platform to ride on even the loosest and wettest of trails with ease, expanding your rides to new routes which were never before attainable.

Summer Fatbike Trek Specialized Kingdom Trails Zane's Cycles


The Beach is a place for sunbathing and swimming but not for riding your bike due to the loose sand beneath your feet. On a normal bicycle, the sand is a sink hole, gobbling up tires; on a fat bike, however, the same beach becomes another opportunity to broaden your horizons by offering the ability to float atop loose sand and glide along your favorite beach. Though, during the summer you are able to ride on sand, you are not limited to it. Fat bikes offer you the ability to fly down your favorite trail, no matter how technical,  and make the most of what summer has to offer including traction in the loosest of corners, on the steepest of roller, or deepest of puddles. 

Fall Specialized Trek Zane's Cycles Rockland Preserve


As the leaves start to change color, the trails become more gorgeous than any other time of the year. As the leaves begin to fall in the trails, a blanket begins to form, hiding the obstacles that lie underneath. With frost starting to form and rainy nights, the same blanket quickly becomes a sheet of slimy leaves causing spin outs and skids which can quickly lead to dangerous situations. With the amazing traction offered on a fat bike, you can rest assured knowing that you have the best possible chance of avoiding any of these unforeseen crashes, allowing you to enjoy the ride and the scenery. 

Zane's Cycles Winter Snow Ride Fat Bike


Riding in snow or on frozen ground has never been easier. Equipped with an impressive 3.8"-4.8" tire width, fat tire bikes offer a ride like no other by providing the opportunity to take your ride to destinations unattainable to standard and mid-fat mountain bikes. From hard packed frozen snow or four inches of fresh powder, you will be able to conquer anything mother nature has to offer on a fat bike. Pure ice causes all mountain bikes to have the same issue of having total loss of control, but adding a studded tire to any fat bike through that barrier and allows you to take your ride on ice.

The Choice Is Yours

Specialized Fatboy Snow Ride Stony Creek Zane's Cycles


There has been little to no production of fully rigid mountain bikes since the mid to late 1990s, until 2005 the introduction of the fat bike. Featuring up to 4.8" tires which can handle a 20 psi max pressure, fully rigid frames, and wheel sizes ranging from 26" to 27.5", fat bikes are taking the market by storm. Due to their ability to run such low pressure, all the suspension needed comes from the tires giving the rider a unique ride. The lack of suspension and low tire pressure offers unbeatable traction, breath-taking speed, and a one-of-a-kind ride making the bike and the rider one cohesive unit. Furthermore, riding a rigid frame provides the workout of a lifetime by exercising your core more than any other bike and building skills to make you an all around better rider.  Did we mention that all these features come with a lower cost to own? Fewer components means less to wear out and replace thus keeping your wallet full and you happier. 


With front and full-suspension options available, getting the most out of your bike has never been easier. Adding the cushion of suspension to your ride, you are given the option to take on any trail without inflicting pain or added stress on your joints. The front and full-suspension options of the fat tire bike are not as fast as the rigid version, however, they allow you to attack your favorite jump trail, hit your favorite drops, and fly through rock gardens with ease. The suspension versions will give the rider a bit more peace-of-mind knowing that if they make a mistake, their suspension will be there to soften the blow. 

Personal Advocate 

“When I first saw a fat tire bike come into the store, I thought that this must just be a fad and it will be gone in six months.  About a year later we got another order into the store and I decided that I needed to see what the fuss was about.  Little did I know that the bike I bought just to keep me riding through the winter would replace my beloved full-suspension bike.  I put over 3,000 miles on my first fat tire bike.  It became my primary ride and I have not happily ridden anything else ever since.  There is nothing that compares to the ride of a fat tire bike; the core workout is intense, my technical skill has never been better, and I have never felt more confident on my bike.  Besides becoming my trademark, riding a fat tire bike has helped me lose over 50 pounds within the first six months of riding one.  The benefits of the fat tire bike are practically endless and the downfalls are negligible.  It is truly the perfect bike which is why I recommend fat bikes to everyone looking for their next mountain bike.  Save money on a more simplistic ride, save money on repairs and maintenance, and lose nothing in ride quality or overall experience.”
--Eric Gell, Zane’s Sales Team Member and Lifetime Mountain Rider

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