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Mountain Bikes

Take the joy and thrill of your ride into the wilderness for a change of pace! Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the cycling world and after one trail-ride, you will see why. Taking your workout into the woods not only adds benefit to your road riding but it builds your ability to think on the fly and strengthen your core while enjoying the sights in your local woodland areas. Like road biking, there are different categories of mountain bikes. A Big-Air Downhill rider is going to ride something different than a cross country speed demon, just like a professional criterium racer is going a road bike that is totally different than a rider who is commuting to work and doing long rides on the weekends. In order to help you sift through the many different wheel sizes, tire sizes, frame styles, and suspension set ups we have created this page as your one stop information center to inform your new favorite investment! 

Specialized Fat Bike Snow Winter mountain bike MTB Zane'd Cycles


3.8" or wider. Fat-tire bikes offer a ride like no other. Conquer sand and snow with ease while also not being limited on a normal trail ride. The plush ride from the massive volume of air in the tires offer a comfortable ride without the need of traditional suspension, lowering the cost for a nicer build. Learn why our staff swears by the fat bike and suggests it for all mountain riders. 

"When I got my fat bike, I hung up my full suspension bike for the winter. Little did I know I would never take it down again." 

--Eric Gell, Sales Team Member and Lifetime Mountain Rider

Trek Roscoe Mountain Bike MTB mid fat


The perfect mix between full fat tire and classic mountain bike. Mid-Fat bikes use a 2.8"-3.0" tire width in order to achieve a maximum traction while still holding onto the most classic mountain bike feel. The favorite of many riders looking for a budget friendly bike with quality parts. Mid-fat bikes make use of only a suspension fork, taking away some of the rigidity like that of a full suspension, while still achieving the plush ride of a fat-bike due to their larger, traction oriented tires. 

"The Mid-fat got me riding again after 20-years of being out of the woods due to a back injury and I'm tackling terrain I never would have been able to tackle on my old bike." 

--Greg Comen, Zane's Cycles Retail Manager, Lifetime Cyclist

Trek Marlin MTB Mountain bike Zane's Cycles


The traditional tire size. Available on all full suspension, front suspension, and unsuspended bikes, the tire sizes on a "Standard" bike range from 1.95"-2.5" in width. Offering minimal rolling resistance on hard packed trails, singletrack trails, and on the road heading to the trail, this style of tire is perfect for beginner trail-explorers to the most seasoned downhill racer. The higher tire pressure, less rolling resistance, and vast tread patters to choose from means that there is something for everyone. More pressure and less volume means that taking a hit won't cause panic as it might with a thicker tire as the bead of the tire is a tighter fit and more rigid, allowing for less tire flex. The standard tire size, being the classic equipment on all mountain bikes until the fat-tire craze began, offers the largest selection of tires per wheel size than any other width. jsjhaskjdhkajsh

Full suspension mountain bike alloy specialized MTB

Full Suspension

From cross country racing to big-air downhill riding, full suspension bikes offer a ride to fit the needs for all types of riders due to the wide variety of available wheel sizes, geometries, and frame materials. Full suspension bikes offer the most frame flexibility and low impact on the joints of the rider without sacrificing control or speed. The choice for the majority of mountain riders, full-suspension bikes offer a ride you need to feel to believe. 

Mountain Bike Hard tail MTB Trek Zane's cycles

Hard Tail

The favorite of most mountain riders in looking for speed and affordable fun, front suspension bikes offer a mix of new-school and old-school mountain riding. The Suspension fork which come equipped on this style of mountain bike takes the pressure on the hands of the rider away yet offers minimal frame flex, allowing more effort to translate from the pedals to the ground. This increased power transfer leads to faster average speeds, greater climbing efficiency, and more energy to ride longer as the rider loses less to the suspension then they would on a full suspension mountain bike. 

Rigid Surley Mountain Bike Steel MTB


Though usually found on Fat bikes, Mid-fat bikes, or niche bikes, fully rigid bikes offer a ride like no other. Tapping into the roots of mountain bike geometry, rigid frames offer a one-to-one riding experience. Feel every bump, tackle every obstacle, build your skills with a bike that doesn't correct anything. Just ride. Rigid bikes offer the best overall workout and the most efficient pedaling ability by allowing all of your power to transfer to the ground rather than being lost to your suspension. Strengthen your core by self correcting as you ride and keep your balance as you navigate through any and all terrain. Experience mountain biking in its purest form with a rigid bike. 

 Front Suspension Options

Spring Fork

Found on all bikes < $1000

Basic Level Suspension Fork

Lockout Capabilities included on higher end models

Adjustability is limited to the tension of the spring

Less general maintenance than air forks

Compression adjustment

Generally Limited to 120mm of travel

Air-Spring Fork

Found on all bikes > $1000

Personally Adjustable based on rider weight

Personalized settings based on rider weight

Lockout available

Available rebound adjustment

Compression adjustment

Available in all travel lengths up to 200mm

Rear Suspension Options

Air Shock

Found on Most Full Suspension Bike from $1800+

Personalized Ride through air pressure adjustment

Adjustable Compression 

Adjustable rebound 

Available travel from 80mm to 160mm

The favorite of most mountain riders

Coil Shock

Found on Enduro Bikes and Downhill Bikes

Uses an external Spring and Dampener

Long travel only

Customizable by changing springs based on rider weight 

Rebound adjustment on dampener, no lockout

Less maintenance than air shock

Must Haves

There are very few things we consider must have items with the exception of a few. These are some of the essential items your should take with you on every ride to ensure your ride quality and safety is not compromised.

Ride Spot Bike App People for Bikes Zane's Cycles


The question we get asked most often by customers who have either just purchased mountain bikes or customers looking to broaden their horizons is, "Where is there a good place to ride around here?" There are too many answers to this question for us to pick just one. We have complied a page full of our favorite local trails systems to explore!

Discover Local Trail Systems

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