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Bicycle Riding Lessons

Whether you are new to ride or it has been a while, we are here to help. We offer 30 minute riding lessons tailored to any individual in need of a little instruction. Tom Naughton, our expert instructor, has worked with many different types of riders including children, adults, and the disabled. We believe that bikes bring people together and that they are a great way to stay happy and healthy. For children and adults alike, riding a bike is a great skill to possess! Schedule your lesson today!

Benefits of Learning to Ride a Bike

  • Open up your everyday life to view from a different perspective
  • Enjoy time with family and friends in a healthy and exciting setting 
  • Explore new areas otherwise not seen when driving
  • Burn Calories rather than fuel in your car 
  • Open up opportunities for new styles of commuting
  • Experience the freedom of being behind bars
  • Get out of the gym and into the fresh air
  • Fall in love with your new favorite hobby

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