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Kids Trade-Up Program


Three brand new bikes for the price of one!

At Zane's Cycles, we realize that purchasing a new bike for your child every two or three years can be expensive. We've created the now "World Famous" Kids Trade-In, Trade-Up program. This incredible program reduces the cost of upgrading to a new kid's bicycle and provides the best riding experience for your growing child provide you with the best fit for your budget and preference.

Trade in and trade up our Zane's Cycles Original, Pine Orchard 12" and/or Stony Creek 16" models to receive a 100% credit of the original purchase price toward the next larger Zane's Cycles Original bike for your child.

Supplement Your Trade

Learning to ride is hard but teaching someone to ride can be even more frustrating. We can help, along with a bell or a basket, Book a riding lesson for your rider. Our experienced instructor will have your rider pedaling in no time!

Our Trade-In, Trade-Up Policy has changed as of March 1st, 2019. All Customers who were engaged in the program before that via a bike purchase remain under the policy  which was in effect during the time of their purchase until the bike purchased is traded in. The following trade, if applicable, will operate under the new and current policy.